4 directional wheel ?

Hey there :slight_smile:

I saw Karbine’s tutorial about the “4 wheel independent suspension”, and I tried it with a monster-sized car.

It worked great, but now I’m looking for something like that :

Take a look at the wheels. That’s what I’m trying to do in Gmod.

So I’m asking the old players if they have any ideas how to achieve this ?

You mean how the back wheels also steer? Whats so hard about that?
Just follow the tutorial but whatever he says to do for the front wheels, do for the rear wheels as well. Then just use two separate master/slave systems with them wired up so they oppose eachother.

Sorry if i read this wrong.

I did this but the front and back wheels don’t turn exactly the same way, as they work with two separate steering…thing. That would be the easiest way to do it but I tried it too and it didn’t work as good as I though.

I have actually done exactly this and all it really involves is making another steering mechanism for the back wheels. Just make sure whatever you use to turn the rear wheels goes the opposite direction of the front.

I’ve done this loads of times. just do what krail says

Have you actually gone into Gmod and tweaked around with it for a while? Looked for what is wrong, and attempted to fix it? Always try to do it on your own before posting it here, please. This is starting to feel more like a “How Do I Do This” section instead of one where you view what people have actually made.

Cause I did this exact thing maybe 3 months ago. Just a hint, have the rear steering mechanism max out (stop) at way less than the front, or you will have roll-inducing, control-destroying amounts of turning.

And if you were making something like a truck or car-like vehicle with this, I would make it so you can lock up the rear so it doesn’t turn all the time.. Like, it’s off for cruising around, and you can turn it on for making tight turns.

its easy just wach out coz the car is hard to make track stright

Yes I did. I’m not some new guy that comes here and say “how to I make a car that fly” when he don’t know what thrusters are.

I ask for help because I couldn’t do it myself.

However, my problem isn’t making the rear wheels turn. My problem is to make them turn the exact way the front wheels do. When a car without steering mechanism turn with thrusters on the sides, there is a friction between the front wheels and the ground. That’s because the wheels don’t align to where the car is currently going. If the wheels aren’t perfectly aligned, there is a friction.

So, that’s the reason why putting two steering mechanism (One for the front wheels, and one for the back wheels) don’t work perfectly : Because as the wheels don’t turn exactly the same way, the back wheels won’t be at the exact opposite angle of the front wheels.

Do you know what I mean ?

(But hey, I know that what I wrote may be ubercomplicated to understand, English isn’t my first language)

I know Karbine uses thrusters and stuff and that’s cool, but your looking for something different.

Try usings wire hydraulics to control the turning mechanism. Axis the control piece like you would normally, then limit the range the bar can swing using adv. ballsocket. Once you do that, use the wire hydraulics to control the swing.

Hope this helps.

Adv ballsocket to a pair of gears?..

do what krail said, also
“4 directional wheel” is a misleading title
“rear-steer” is the correct term

You could just adv. ballsocket it opposite or something. I don’t know, would go into Gmod and test it but I don’t have the drive.