4 Env_Sounscape controlled with 1 func_button


I’m building my 2nd Hammer map that I will release, but I’m not expirienced with Env_Soundscapes. What I’m trying to build is a disco with 4 speakers where the music will come from, and that controlled by 1 button, you understand that 4 buttons isn’t handy.
How can I let 1 func_button control those 4 env_soundscapes, if you know a tutorial that’s fine. If you can explane it here is good too.

Wireframe setup:


Birds eye view setup:


I’m pretty sure you can only have one soundscape active at any given time.

Well the problem is that if you would turn around away from the soundscape you won’t hear it or not really good

A soundscape is just background noise. If you want a big bang, then I suggest using ambient_generic to play your music.
You can set them to play everywhere, loop, play/stop when you want them too, and name them.

But, if you want the soundscape, you make info_targets, name them like ss_pos_01 ss_pos_02 etc. then have the soundscape link to them.
Although this is generally for background chatter.

HL2 Soundscape list

CSS Soundscape list

Okay thanks, will have a try on that.

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Issue is resolved.

Those are ambient_generics :v: