4 Little poses

^Snipin is a good job mate.


^Right behind you.

^Never hunt in the dark.

^The Leviathan

Please note i don’t Have photoshop. instead i have to use gimp and even with that im a complete noob. :L

I see a lot of effort and potential. You should turn your graphics all the way up though.

Turn your graphics to maximum when taking screenshot.

I don’t even use any editing program other than whats in the game.

If you turn up your graphics (especially anti-aliasing to remove the razor edges on the models) and give some minor colour correction (humans love blue and orange so there is a idea from what to work from) this would look great.

A little less blurring as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips I will make sure to look into my options. i do know i have my graphics up all the way they can go but other then that i didn’t mess with anything else.

What graphics card do you have? It might be a bit dated.

I can make humans HATE it

Lack of Anti Aliasing is probably the first thing I thought of.