4 pictures of heroes

I’ve been trying photoshop, so I’ve decide to post 4 pictures of heroes of a comic I’m trying to make. Also, take to mind that this is the first time that I try to make a good gmod picture and also my first time in the photoshop stuff.

Here are the results:
(I had some problems with the first one, not proud of that one)





posing is stiff and filter rape
good try though

A golden rule here; dont slap a filter to your picture and call it “editing”, people will flame you if you do.

Practice more posing before thinking of posting a comic. Believe me, it pays of. Concentrate in editing after you feel the posing is there. Trying to learn all at once often leaves a mess.

oh yeah, also take your time, dont rush and actually spend time editing the pic and not rush
quality counts!

Less less grain, and dont use the halo, or make it really transparent.

also, never use these in game effects except for bloom, fog and color mod.

i forgot to say these are terrible, in all points, but no offense, you can improve.

posing is o.k. but it could be really better, there is plenty of tutorials on facepunch for this.

If you made a comic like this, I would read it.