4 Questions about stuff

  1. I have a ambient generic playing an MP3 and when I leave the audible distance and return the music isn’t playing. I probably have to convert to a wave file but I don’t got a converter and I am lazy. Any other way? If not just say
  2. My water in my map is not showing up. The map is not leaked and I have checked it with different textures but it still doesn’t work. It tells itself it is water (Splashes on shot, wading sounds, etc) but the surface doesn’t show.
  3. Do I need to PakRat the .raw file for Colour correction? I did for my map anyway but do I need to?
  4. I am using CSS soundscapes in the map, they work in CSS but in Gmod they don’t seem to work, any ideas into what is wrong?
  1. You’re lazy when making maps. This leads to mistakes and flaws. Fix this before anything else.
  2. How did you check for leaks? Did you load a pointfile?
  3. Yes, you have to.
  4. Does your Gmod mount CSS properly? If anything, pakrat the soundscapes, although I’d suggest using VIDE as it is much better at pakking.

I cordoned it off and beofore that I loaded a pointfile and fixed one of the other leaks.
And I would have to GCFScape the Soundscape files in order to pakrat them but that means the soundscapes are already there? Or do I make a custom soundscape using other ones and pak that?

Does anyone know any good Free Mp3 to wave converters?
I can’t find a good one. They all cost something or don’t do anything.


Wait I got it
But water problem still exists
And the soundscape thing only happens when I put the map in Gmod

I have the Water problem too ): Somone help!!

Check your thread.


Oh and next time, you don’t need to post in another thread saying you have a problem when you already made a thread.