4 questions.

Don’t ban me for undescriptive topic name, these questions are huge.

  1. Randomized skins function for NPCs. What do I write?’
  2. NPC that changes skingroup for needed group, not just random, how?
  3. Something like this: I made bodygrouped NPC. You shoot defined hitbox, and if it’s more than defined damage, bodygroupped arm or leg or head will dissapear and gibs will create. ( I don’t want dismemberment mod ). Or way round, bodygroup appears.
  4. A and B anims. Like I made pistol that has anims for 2-handed weilding and 1-handed weilding, and it changes randomly, but A has its own shooting, reload, idle anims, just like B. Also, what do I write in QC?

If I’m not specific, I can add videos to show what I need.

  1. Use a table with a math.random function
    local skins = {}
    skins[1] = “material/models/something1”
    skins[2] = “material/models/something2”
    – … continue with the skins

function GetRandomSkin()
return skins[math.random(#skins)]

3-4. If you need help to get a random skin … I suggest you pay a coder for 3 and 4


I can’t tell if you’re asking how to do it, or asking us to do it for you.

Number 2, not quiet sure exactly what you’re talking about.

Number 3-4, if you want a start, download the dismemberment mod and take a look at how they manipulate the models. From there you’ll get the same kind of information that someone would give on here.

I agree with Nak. If you want it done, and don’t care to learn. Then just go write a job on coderhire.