4 sandbox question's

oke here a few question’s

  1. how can i use fog in multiplayer? and if you can, can other players see it to?

  2. how can i do it so people cant go underground by using noclip?

  3. how can i do so that the AI wont attack players in the server?

  4. i did installed CS:S (using update) i the gmod folder, but it wont work in the server

already my thanks :v:

I know 3 only, in the NPC tab in the Q menu look at the bottom left and set it to “ignore players.”

1 is map based, and everyone will see it

2 - try the anti-noclip addon?

3 - above user

4 - install it to the default folder, not inside gmod

yea i have anti noclip but i mean all under map stuff… not that i have to place lots of flat PHX plates… when i walk on it it lags…


and i heard moving stone there are bots… never know it… but when i spawn one, does it count as a player? (like if i am in the server its 1/15 player but when i spawn bot its 2/15 like a player joined)

and how does the bot acts? (AI)

and does anyone knows some Admin mods?