4 September 1946, German Armoured Division Pushing Back Allies at La Fière

I’m making a series of fictive end of war story. Here is the first one:
German army made a suprise boom in the Ardenne and are now in France.


What map is that?

rnl_lafiere, from Resistance and Liberation.

Is that a Panther? Looks cool.

Well, one the far left is a Panther with Schmalturm and the one with a commander in is a VK4502 §. Panther is released for people that didn’t see it.

I was expecting to see an E-100 rolling along with Panzergrenadiers armed with sturmgewehr 44s :(.

I like it. :slight_smile:

Next time you should do one on a more epic scale (2-3 tanks, numerous infantry poses, would be awesome). Good job!

daym them homies on the side p. dead

And they said the Ardenne was invasion-proof

I’m making another call here about the tanks, does anyone have in their Garage a Gw-Tiger, M4 Sherman, M4A3E8 Sherman or Panther II ?
Also, next picture coming soon.

what did they do to you!

Eeh did anyone notice that it says its in 1946? the La Fiere was in 1944.


If you read carefuly, this is a “fictive” story which mean it’s not real. German won at ardenne and are now in France. That’s what the little sentence over the picture say.

i love this.


Thanks to tampio for edit

that is porn…

i must have those trickass skins
bloo’s standard isn’t a whole lot
just 3 :frowning: (2 are the same camo too)

This is… very nice ! But that officer on the car looks a little weird. Why is his head a little to the left?

I think most of those are custom reskins made by other people, Not Bloo.

Nice pictures, I have always been a fan of Alternate World War II Scenarios.

Imagine if Hitler conquered or beat us in the west, we would all be speaking kraut right now