4 Servers to hand out

I have a dedicated server sitting around doing absolutely nothing, so I decided that I could hand out a few servers on it.

Servers Left: 0

Server Specs:
CPU: Intel Xeon 2.8Ghz Quad Core
HDD: 500GB Disk Space
OS: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
Location: Stockholm, Sweden @ 100Mbps unmetered.
(This is a fresh install, just KVM’d into it and reinstalled the OS)

What’s included?

  • GMod/CSS/TF2, etc game server with no slot limitations at all, you are free to boost it up to 200 slots if you want, but SRCDS can only use one core of that CPU, so I disregard from doing so.
  • Off-site FastDL host on an linux nginx web-server running varnish front-end cache @ 1Gbps unmetered. Location: Stockholm, Sweden. (Optional, ask for it. You manage it yourself.)
  • FTP Access
  • Control Panel (GamePanelX)
  • Web hosting @ FastDL Host. (Optional, ask for it. Sub-domain or your own domain, you choose)

What’s the catch?
No catch. However I reserve the right to take down your server at any time, with or without telling you so.
Note that I am not a host, I’m just a regular guy with an unused machine.
You a free to host whatever gamemode you want.

How long will you get keep it?
You’ll keep it as long as I don’t need the dedicated server for something else.
If your server becomes inactive over a longer period of time, I’ll give it to someone else.

You manage the server yourself. Don’t ask me how to do things, go into the Help & Support section and make a thread there.
If you decide the use FastDL, all content has to be bzipped. Read my tutorial on that.

How to apply?
Post what game you want and I’ll PM you when it’s ready for you. You’ll be able to change gamemode, maxplayers, etc in the panel.

That’s really generous of you, if possible I’d love a Garry’s Mod server in that location so I can test out my new gamemode with a higher ping

May I get a Garry’s Mod server? Thanks in advance. It Is perfect that it is located in Sweden as I live in Sweden.

Setting up. With or without a FastDL mirror?

Alrighty, with or without a FastDL mirror?

With fastdl mirror if it is okay. And again thank you this is really generous of you.

Thanks very much :dance: Without FastDL is fine, I’ll use WorkshopDL or my own webhost if needed.

I’ll take a Garry’s Mod.

Done, PM’d you the info.

I can take a gmod server, no fastdl needed, ill do as wh1terabbit.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Done, sent you details over PM.

Now I’m out of servers for the time being, I may squeeze in another one if I see that the machine can handle it.

Glad to see that this section is getting some loving instead of just disguised help and support/advertising threads.

I would love to use one, but unfortunately I can’t just yet since my hard drive died and waiting for a replacement, could I put my name down for if someone backs out/doesn’t need to use it in the future?

Awesome, very kind of you! :slight_smile:

Yeah, for sure!

All in favour of voting Svenkunganka the best member of facepunch say I

I would love to have a server please, you’re awesome man! Messaging you as well.

So no more servers? That’s a bummer. Well if anyone gives up their server I’ll take it :slight_smile:

It seems 2 people backed out, so I got 2 more spare servers now. One of them is reserved for Alig96 as promised and has a day to respond until I let it go to someone else, so for now I got 1 more server.

Would it be possible to run a Project Zomboid server on it? If so, I might snag the last one.

Sorry, SRCDS servers only…