4-Tay Model --- Tupac Model --- DMX Model

I’m basically requesting 2 models, don’t worry, I’ll be patient. I don’t expect the model to be done in one day, because I know how hard it is to model stuff.


It’s nice to have him wearing the same shirt and hat from the picture. The shirt is blank, and long sleeved. and white jeans. For shoes, just some generic black sneakers. DON’T model the hair, that’ll be too much work, just give him a short, faded cut.



  • Skin color reference

  • Face, tattoos.


Bandana (It’s black. Left and right sides look the same. Back of the bandana has no design on it)

  • GREAT reference picture. THIS is what I want the model to depict.

Forget the DMX model, I changed my mind and it'll probably get done quicker this way.

But Tupac is dead…

That’s like modelling Steve Irwin (R.I.P.) :ninja:

Tupac kinda looks like a huge action figure of himself. The Tupac paradox. :smiley:

Anyway, Beethoven was more gangsta. Beethoven models please. :wink:

Tupac is not dead. Quite sad if you think so.

Also, the two last pictures are sculptures, that’s why they look like action figures.

A Tupac model would be cool. I hope to see it released

Hope this request doesn’t fail, I’m looking forward to posing with more models.

so what models are you asking for?

I think a pictue of DMX still belongs here.

i need this model