4 Weapon suggestions.

Hi, these are 4 things that would be incredible cool to have and i really hope it could be added.

  • Bayonet (Knife) - Can be attached on serveral guns or used for melee or other. LINK LINK2
  • Karambit (Knife) - Could possibly be attached but atleast used for melee or other. Very rare. LINK
  • Ak47 - Not so accurate, loud, pretty high damage, can be attached with, Bayonet, Flashlight, Laser sight, Holo sight?. LINK LINK2 LINK3 OBS: i didnt make this model.
  • MP40 - Rusty, very loud, not so accurate, medium damage, can be attached with flashlight…? LINK


The AK is a very versatile gun that can be made pretty much on-the-fly for pretty cheap. I support this one fully, though I don’t feel it needs any attachments besides maybe a flash light. However, MP40 seems a bit off to me for some reason, not makeshift like the AK can potentially be. Bayonet might be useful, though it should be a makeshift sharp metal spike that is tied on, for that rust-y feel. Back to the AK, in real life it fires a 7.62x39mm round, which is a rather large caliber. I feel that instead of making it high damage, it should be able to go through armor, doing even damage across the board, though that could be abused rather easy, so I say that one lightly.

The MP40, i agree abit, it feels abit wrong, but i think it could be cool when its made by facepunch like, rusty, broken and repaired with homemade materials and stuff.

They’re planning on removing all guns excepts hand cannons and hand made shotty. They want to make all the guns like the hand made shotty and hand cannon.

Perhaps, it isn’t an overly-complicated gun as far as I know, I suppose it could be done.

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Source of this information please? Last I heard, they were going to remove modern weapons and replace them with their makeshift counterparts.

Have you even taken a look at what i posted?

no they are not going to remove them, they are going to eventually make them uncraftable

what about a compound bow, we have a low quality hunting bow, what about a high quality compound bow made out of metal fragments and stuff, its got high damage and its extremely quiet :))) id rather one of those over an m4 any day :))

This post gave my cancer.
We DONT want OP guns! We want guns to be rare and you give more ideas for guns?
Dude, NO.

So true.

Think realistic, we got a op m4 that looks like its been taken directly from a factory and shotguns and everything, the main thing in this game is pvp, guns is needed, and just take a look at the ak right there, it would fit this game but for you, what do you want?, a rock to go pvp with?

I’m pretty sure they stated they will keep the guns but make them super hard to obtain and as you can see on Trello, they’re making different tiers of guns.