4 Zombie Apocalypse Survivors






All 4 models have eye and faceposing, bodygroups for taking off their backpacks and the trucker guy also has a bodygroup for removing the hat.

(garrysmod.org link coming when garrysmod.org stops being homo)

No I’m not going to make player models or NPCs from these so don’t ask but if anyone wants to make these into Left 4 Dead survivor replacements, that would be pretty cool (I’ve tried it before and failed).

I love you.

neat stuff!

This is awesome. Well done!

The female looks really out of place there.
The 3 guys look fine as they are .

nice work, simkas!


Off-duty Dusty, yes? :v:
Awesome work.

those are heavily modified HL2 and fakefactory faces, right?

i recognize joey_facemap.vtf

pretty cool

Nope, no part of them are from anything HL2 related.

These are really cool.

But damn dude, use a little texture compression.

They look pretty cool, nice work simkas. :smiley:

Whenever I saw a .vtf with any kind of compression I can very much notice the artifacts it causes, most people probably wouldn’t but I do and I get really damn bothered about it.

Only thing I don’t like is the female’s face texture, apart from that this is great.

Yay, thanks simkas!

These are great, simkas. Your work is always schmexy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, she’s very stylized compared to the other guys. Doesn’t fit at all.

The rest are cool, though. The black guy’s pants are ugly but it’s well made.

The file won’t download :saddowns:

Why is that dumb? I was saying that the file is messed up or something.

Girl’s face bothers me super bad. Otherwise, amazing models.

How come the guys are all messy and look like actual survivors of something but the girl is completely fine and clean??

is the black one gus from breaking bad?