40 Days and 40 Nights - hallucination nightmares?

Fuck no, they can’t be nightmares! Finally god heard my prayers.


uncensored[+18 only!!!]: http://imageshack.us/a/img717/8665/godddddd2.jpg

i dont understand why people pose naked models… i get the idea behind this, i just dont understand why do it.

Most people who will open this will be under 16 :I

The stuff used for censoring looks silly, it looks completely out of place, the posing on the women seems random, why’s the woman on the left point at the floor? The woman “walking” towards the two others looks like she’s floating rather than walking, the woman on the right is standing awkwardly (The one nearly offscreen), the shadow on the guy looks like it’s casting from his shins upwards as opposed to his toes upwards and the song you linked, it sounds like you’re just linking us to something you like rather than something that fits the picture.

The posing of the guy looks good, no stiffness or anything and the god beam over him looks good too, the white speckles should have been blurred slightly though and have had some difference in opacity, like what’s closer to the edge of the beam should be more transparent and less visible from blurring.

There is uncensored version, this silly censore is for minors.
That women on left is on phone, and mostly people gesture while talking on phone.

on the internet no-one gives a flying bucketload of fuck except the police and the moral guardians

Well actually nudity here gets you banned, or so I assume anyway, I don’t really know what can get you banned (picture-wise) in this section anymore.

I thought you only get banned for sex poses in this section and ~artistic nudity is not bannable.

Well, I just checked the rules (Which the admins stickied anyway) and:

With MaxOfS2D around, you can banned for artistic nudity.

She were touching herself, so - solo sex :smiley:

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eh i was talking about the whole “minors beware” thing

that’s hardly artistic nudity.

Well then what is it?


I always thought that nudity was okay, it just had to make sense, i.e. somebody breaking into a brothel, a newly-made clone escaping a facility etc.

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it needs context is what I’m saying

Never liked those models. The shoulders look too rigid.

Well holy shit, we sure are lucky to have a broad-minded person like you among us.