40+ Hour mapping stream.

Oh yeah! I have too much spare time.

Decided to try and make a complete RP map in around 40/46 hours. So here is the stream for it.

Stream started at 21:05 (BST | 21/5/11)
Ends at 19:05 (BST | 2/6/11 )

Dates are DD/MM/YY.

…Enjoy! :siren:


Oh god mapping a grid size 1.
I bet you won’t last the 40 hours of mapping 24 hours a day.

We will see. Bought a crate of Lucozade to help me stay up :3:

Lol somebody with the username FireGod522 was mimicking me. What a faggot.

I’ll be impressed if you can do it. Needless to say…good luck.

I’ll be more impressed by the physical feat of staying awake and cognitively functional for 40 hours.

Done it before. Can do it again.

While in truth it’s not much I’ve stayed up for 36 hours (maybe with 10 minutes sleep here and there) when travelling to France so it’s not impossible.

That being said I did pass out within about 10 seconds of touching the pillow.

I’m gonna watch this all night because of the awesome music, And the mapping of course

Yep. Allowing music requests! :3:


You should make a cast over at Justin.tv instead imo livestream sucks horribly and you should boost your bitrate. It’s just hard to watch a stream i can’t see because of bad quality. My Stream - just for placemark

Get off MSN! Back to work!

Good luck bro! I can only last around 3-4 hours before I break concentration.

Aw man, he’s just jealous.

You’re rotating skills annoy me.

Where’s the fast forward button? :3:

I feel the same way!

Good luck man.

5 hrs 57 minutes into it… meh!