40+ Hours played, feedback and thoughts...

So after playing this game for a while now, I decided I might as well give my opinion on it. First thing I like about the game is that you do have a choice of HOW to play. I could have easily sat outside someones house after finding a gun and shot them, took their things, worked my way up with materials I gathered myself to make a base, or used those same materials to take over someone else’s base. Quite a few things you can do, plenty to get creative with. Another things that was great is that it’s a learning experience without being too difficult to figure out. You still have to learn how building works, crafting works, what different weapons and tools do, what the usage for things like the sleeping bags are, etc. Though you have all that, it’s not impossible trying to figure out how to do those things in the first place. You open the inventory screen, tells you what you need, you figure out how to get those by either looking at other crafting items or by collecting resources. The game runs well with few issues, most functions aren’t too choppy, and it has a decent bit of variety.
Though all games have flaws, and some are bigger than others. First off, I know that the game is going to have more primitive weapons in the future, though currently the bullet system is laughable. When a shot is fired at you by another player (I think only if it misses) it will slowly fly at you with the sound of wind blowing, then just stop in it’s tracks. Too bad bullets are actually instant travel. This isn’t really an issue with the game itself, more the PVP community, though a lot of people like to go around and kill people that are just starting the game for no reason other than just to kill them, and without any warning. It’s an annoyance, though I guess that’s just what happens. I love this game and all, but this last thing, ruins all of it.
You have to play.
All the time.
No, seriously. You’re required to play if you want to keep ANY of the items you have.
Here’s a little story of how all those hours I spent on this game were absolutely wasted. At least on my part. One day after getting back from school, I find that, like all the other days, someone had attempted entering or messing with my house. On this particular day I had just finished moving all my stuff to another base that I made with metal parts, and was ready to give the old base to another player just to be nice, but I come back to respawn with no items. I go back, stairs all over my house. Even though I built spike walls all around it, someone blew up most of the old wooden base and had completely taken over my new metal house.
All of my stuff I had just gotten, useless.
All the time I spent, wasted.
Someone else gained all the effort I spent.
I never wanted to give it to them.
I love the PVP aspect in this game, and I love being able to raid other people’s bases and be raided, all part of the fun and excitement. Though tell me, how is that fair? Because I have other things to do than play Rust 24/7, I have lost everything I worked for on the game and had no control over it. That, has ruined the ENTIRE experience. It’s a cheap way to force you to have other people (Such as friends who you may or may not have to have buy the game) watch over your things for you, or, just to keep you playing as much as possible. Perhaps add in a server setting that, once the ability to claim “Ownership” over a base is added, all base parts because indestructible if the “Owner” of that base is offline (with exceptions of course, such as if they logged out during a raid or have been gone for this amount of time, etc). Other than that, the game is fine, and a fun experience. Just not so fun to have to start from base 0 because of something you had no power over.

I think your last point is pretty good, some type of feature that can make your house indestructible ONLY while you are not online seems like a pretty good idea and an easy fix to a problem alot of people have.
Obviously raiding and being raided is a big part of the game but i agree that when your offline and not able to defend your stuff its abit annoying.

Make someone build you a base.
Put in your own doors.
Live in indestructible base untill hell freezes over.

Before they added the sleeper mode people would just disconnect with all they stuff if they noticed they were raid. This isn’t fun either. That’s the moment when came the sleeper mode, removing it would just bring a new/old problem.

Hmm true, but there should be some way to protect your stuff while offline

That last point is good, it’s not like everybody has the time to play Rust non-stop.

Maybe there should be a cool down time when you disconnect? For example maybe if you decide to log-off your body should still be present for 10 minutes or longer before it disappears. Therefore you can still be looted if you try to escape from a gun fight via logging off and your belongings would be safe if you disconnect in a safe area. I’ve seen this been done in other games like FOnline: 2238

Yes you should be able to build a safe structure. Something that is completely impossible right now but is probably being worked on. To get into our house you need to actually BREAK YOU OWN LEGS.

Doesnt stop people from climbing up a wall and planting C4 tho.

Sounds like a good idee

This is just a sleep on/off option with a cooldown timer. Will most probably be added later (or is Sleep off already like this?).

When the sleeper mode is turned off, your body simply disappears when disconnecting

Or as peoples suggested. traps. Raid at your own peril then :).

Fair point, I think this is a problem for anyone who plays in medium and high pop servers.
Those who have to work or go to school/college do have a HUGE disadvantage over people that are playing all the time (hardcore players). This is not cool at all since it really ruins the experience for a lot of people when you get raided on a daily basis, always finding yourself naked in the wilderness when you log back in after work/school, it’s just painful.

I like traps. underground building is even a better idea but for some completely dumb idea they wont add digging. Maybe couse you can raid the world…

You add digging you add huge amounts of extra memory needed. much more strain running the game and its not the best as it is.

I totally agree it can be very frustrating. But the game is alpha so maybe they will add new things e.g no base destruction while offline, or on certain servers they will add it. There is still a lot that needs to be done on this game. I can also recommend building a shack up north in the mountains and store your most important gear there until you get down a secure base.

As far as I know Unity does not support any type of terrain digging.

Also those are just a few examples. Plenty of other things you can add onto that with, you know.

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Traps may work as an improvement to the problem, but won’t experienced players either be able to spot those out, or just be able to come back so often/have their friends continue the raid that it may not matter anyway? Isn’t this the same as just building a bigger stronger base? It’s not really going to change anything that much, as you still have absolutely no power over the raid, and you aren’t even playing.