400 QUESTIONS!! (Here only 5)

  1. Gmod glitches with NPC’s V4 addon: some Functions are removed. Why?
  2. How to make a screen that shows what a camera (not a NPC or Player) sees (something like an RT camera, but not on HUD)?
  3. How to rename the destination of texture files for weapons IN THE MODEL, so It will have a normal texture (ex.: 2 deagles, 2 dif textures, same models, I want to use both TEXTURES and MODELS WITHOUT REPLACING!!!)?
  4. Why do you need VAC on some servers?
  5. Please give me a good breakable windows pack (not the one, where there are windows from cs, they become no-collide when broken).

Thank you for reading this, and don’t think I thank you after you’ve just read this, answer, please.