40k Imperial Guard Valhallans

Something I’ve found myself wanting/needing recently are models of 40k Valhallans to mess with. For those of you who don’t know what they are (shame on you), here’s some reference pictures.


Now, you’re all probably wondering “how can we make valhallans? No one here is going to want to perform such a menial task of creating models from scratch”.

I have solved that problem.

Remember these models?

There are great coat russians in there. Someone could probably take these guys, increase the size of the collars, and retexture. It shouldn’t be too difficult. If you take the black mesa heads as well as the citizen heads, you can even get a skeleton for free! You could probably even slim some of them down and make female Valhallans if you were so inclined.


The only reason I can’t do this myself is because my 3d modeling programs aren’t working at all for importing SMD files, and I honestly don’t know how to do this kind of stuff.

If someone could take this task up, that would be great!

Just bumping this as a last hope before I try (in vain) to find an alternative.

I think red orchestra 2 has some good great coat models, I’ll try doing something with em.

Thanks! Bless your soul!

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If possible, could you put them on the valve skeleton?

Fate! Destiny!

Sorry for the bump, but I thought it’d be useful. They have bones! :dance: