40K Scratch Builds An Overview of My First Decade Scratchbuilding

I call myself Blackadder and I have been scratch building for ten years. I suppose I should show my favorite work first; a Warlord Titan I call Luteus Vexant.

Imgur is my image host of choice and I see by the rules that it is acceptable so here goes.

Luteus Vexant Stands scale height about 160 feet (49 meters) tall.
This is not a kit, everything is handmade from scratch fabricated from individual bits of styrene. There are well over 10,000 bits of plastic glued together some no bigger than the head of a pin. “Luteus Vexant” is the name I chose for the Warlord. It in tortured Latin means “Dirty Harry.” The Titan has a full interior with five levels completely furnished and manned with a crew. I am still in the process of wiring the lighting and it needs more paint.

Luteus the model stands about 27 inches tall and is made almost entirely of styrene. He is fully pose-able but when housed in his gantry he assumes the classic spraddle legged pose of all Titans.

Serendipity Once Again Rears It’s Ugly Head:

I was going to keep these to myself until the Warlord was reassembled but this was too good to pass up without comment, the effect would be lost in the overall presentation of the completed model…

I wish I could take credit for this but it came about purely by accident; I noticed when I was applying the armour veneers that the ‘Testors’ glue was slightly dissolving the 0,25 MM (0.010 inch) sheet styrene but until highlighting these large panels today I had no idea to what extent. The aluminum powder accentuates the dissolved areas giving a millennia old worn and weathered appearance that probably could not have been achieved on purpose.

The effect was simple to achieve I just took the tube of glue and squeezing ever so slightly applied threadlike trails all over the area to be covered with the pre-cut sheet styrene. I the rubbed the panel until the glue set and sealed the edges with thin set solvent.

Even the mistakes and warped panels lend character to the armour simulation battle damage or in the case of the prominent vertical line in the first image where I removed a strip of styrene and applied it diagonally for greater aesthetic appeal looks like the residue of a centuries old modification.

Of course there may be some that do not like this mottled effect but to me this battle weary biped looks the better for the superficial damage.

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