42" TV Prop Model

Hey guys. So recently I was looking around the workshop for things I could upload to help contribute since my profession is mainly aimed around 3D and I’ve been playing around with SMD and MDL files (model files) and I’ve managed to import a prop that from what I’ve seen, either doesnt exist yet or isn’t good enough on it’s own. I know it’s a little small addon but maybe this could help a few people out i.e. coders who want a model like this to script an entity or for darkRP or scene creation whatever it may be. Here are the images:





Here is the workshop addon:

Thanks for reading :smiley:

Look really great!!!

Looks awful, sorry.

You could try to learn, how UV maps work in your modeling program. to add things like vents and buttons
How to make Textures with bumpmaps in source
How to model, because picture 3 looks just baaah. Such details can easily replaced with an Texture to save vertices.
Apply an sepperate texture to the screen itself, so coders can replace it with its own RenderTarget textures.

If you make it look good, you could make different standard sizes like 50, 55, 32, 40 inch.

Umm, this is a basic model and something like this doesn’t really require a crap load of details, also I know how UV mapping works (if i didnt the model would have retarded texture placement). If i wanted to i would have added more details but I didn’t since this is a rough model just for visual purposes.

But I like the idea of the different sizes so I’ll check that out

For something like a model, wouldn’t it be better to give a direct download link instead of a workshop addon which you would have to decompile?

Here you go https://www.mediafire.com/?ospbwbs8lpvibbf

UPDATED LINK : http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1484132