420Bluntz Raiding and Pillaging


Yes. I’d also like to add I have a lot more footage and I’m going to continue to gather more, so feel free to subscribe if you guys like seeing people get royally fucked and koreans and kids crying and raging.

Also checkout out recruitment thread, or if you want to ally with us feel free to hit me up.

Nice job killing noobs (or people who are not able to fight back)! You should post videos of you killing people who are not noobs. It would be much more impressive.

The videos not a feat of skill, it’s for their responses. I have videos of us raiding big bases with shitty responses, but I’ll compile those into a video soon.

Well their responses went like this, “You guys are idiots for using all these resources to kill defenseless people” which just made you guys look like dbags.

These videos are terrible, I’m sorry and had to tell the truth

Lame video. There, I said it.

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Please, no.

It’s going to happen whether or not you like it

People play games for entertainment, we gather resources and kill people for entertainment, that last raid yielded far more than we used too.

cool story, the only thing i do is grief kids too that doesn’t make me special… ur videos suck and u guys suck im not a troll im just stating facts stop making videos

I never said I’m special but I assure you I have far better video production and raging skills than you do too. I’m going to continue to rage people and document it because that’s what entertains me, regardless of what you say or claim it’s going to happen; you’re all just proving you’re butthurt over 420Bluntz owning everyone by saying “u guys suck u guys cant raid pls stop”

  1. Don’t record your speakers.
  2. Turn your gamma up.
  3. Get a better GFX card.
  4. Try to aim better.


I didn’t record with my speakers and my gamma isn’t messed up, it was a mistake I made somewhere in the rendering process; the original clips are fine, I rendered it 3 times and had the same thing and said fuck it and uploaded it because I didn’t feel like waiting another hour to see if I fixed it. I’m pretty sure I know what I did wrong though, I’ll probably fix this video when I get around to it.

I definitely do need a better GFX card though but unfortunately I’m on a laptop.

I do need to aim better too but oh well.

I appreciate your criticism though.

Well the difference is between my 2 youtube channels i have 600,000 views and 3000 subscribers. While you have 0 so I’m not sure why you act so cocky?

And I have other youtube channels with a ton of subs too…what’s your point? This is a channel I literally just made before uploading that video, lol.

Please link your other channels, Would love to see these “leet” production skills. It looks like you edit your videos in iMovie.

More evidence… pot and games don’t mix. lol

Lets see your channels, you’re the one who claimed he’s this youtube pro with millions of subs.

Everyones gonna hate on the guys who hurt people for fun but this game is about survival, if you can’t survive start over until you can. Current endgame practically forces people to raid like you guys did. So no hate from me, I say do what you do until things change. :]

Some constructive criticism, I as a viewer did notice a bit of picture brightness lacking. Also the recording audio was a bit ‘undesirable’ to the average viewer. Kind of like as if your friend was in the bathroom or something o.O

otherwise awesome vid and i’ll keep watching. :]

Thanks, I was really reluctant to upload this because of the gamma and audio but I just said fuck it after 3 attempts at rendering it with the original video and audio and uploaded it. When I have free time I’ll definitely re-upload it with proper video and audio, I just wanted to toss this up.

A lot of people here are just mad that people are raiding them and fail to see that it’s a major part of the game. You reach endgame and you either farm for 50 hours to add additions to your base or you go out and raid other people and get those resources in a couple of hours. Boo hoo if we and others enjoy people crying about their lost stuff, it’s funny, and many other people find it funny; posted outside of this community people find videos like this absolutely golden. (I’ll just need to fix the audio and video once again, it makes the video sub-par.)