.45 ACP (First attempt at a model)


Well this is my first attempt at creating something in an auto CAD program that wasn’t done from a book at school. Tell me what I can do to improve and continue on. Because I really don’t know where to go from here.

Looks okay.

Good ol’ Vector, who agrees.

Also, try to give it some textures.

There’s a bunch of polygons on the bottom that aren’t needed atall. There isn’t much you can do about it now at a newbie level , but you could just get a cylinder and extrude the polygons and scale and stuff.
It’s not very easy to describe it , but go check back on the noesis dynamite tutorial

Actually I did use a cylinder and extrude it :smiley:

I decided to do a short video explaining how to reduce the tris on your object. Video might suck and I’m talking quietly so here’s a summary:
Using the Raycast edge select tool… (U, then I shortcuts on keyboard), I select the rings that are superfluous on the object in and delete them in order to reduce geometry. Pretty much what you need to do here. You should always start with the minimal amount of points and geometry you need to create the object you want, less hassle once you get into more complicated things and very useful for keeping low polycounts.