45 Slot Server.. Empty :(

I own a 45 slot server, but nobody really comes, ive tried a few maps and game modes, darkrp, pirate wars, cake script, wintersurvial, etc.
The only time i ever really had a great player was when i had a darkrp server, me and him rped there alone, but the server crashed and i lost him.
Does anybody know any game modes or maps that can bring my server alive?
I dont want to be one of those overused servers that nobody wants to play anymore.

To Be Honest, Not many people like servers with a massive maxplayer limit like 45, most people will join a server under 20 slots. People think that a >20 server is messy and is too crowded to RP or Build on properly. Get a 16/18/20 slot server instead and you will see more people will join. Also only have the most common addons (Wiremod, PHX and Wire Extras), no-one likes stitting around for ages downloading content from a server only to find out its all useless crap that they will never use elsewhere. Run a popular map; like gm_construct, gm_flatgrass or rp_downtown_v2. If you are running DarkRP add some custom classes and shipments that will be unique to your server (Everyone likes a custom class). Add tags to show what is on your server e.g: wiresvn, phx, custom classes, custom shipments, darkrp. This will broaden the chance for people to find you and want to join you. Use a good server name that will catch peoples attention and want to use your server over the others.
Relply if this works. :slight_smile:

I tend to stay around servers slots of under 15.

What [VGN] Blob 92 said, and stay on the server when not doing anything, nobody wanna join an empty server and most will tick the “Has players playing” on thar filter while browsing for servers, ask your friends to join you when you do it too.

I own a 4 slot server, its usually not too hard to get it filled up, so try smaller, I hate going in and having shit flying around everywhere. I prefer <10 players.