48 Hours before the Infection (l4d2)

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Bad Camera Angle

Something inside me told me to do this.


I like the idea, but the posing seems off. And no fingerposing. Come on, everybody likes fingerposing.

These are nice, but they look rushed.

They were…
I was too lazy to take time into all four.

should’ve let the original dude create them

Yeah, i should of.

not nearly as good

Contrast/bloom is kinda excessive and Ro is holding that box very oddly.

Not bad other than that though.

Looks accurate

Very nice.But according to L4D2 website,Rochelle was ‘in-field’ and was about to shoot some TV programme.

I can find these poses on the Intarwebz!

Those aren’t poses. Those were Valve’s pics of the survivors on their bios in the L4D2 site.

Yeah I know that but they sound a little more catchy.