4D movie look like real


Original http://uppix.com/s-gm_movie_theater4febacd400104cb8-jpg.htm

Fullsize http://uppix.com/s-gm_movie_theater4febad1900104cba-jpg.htm

Interesting concept. Good posing. I like it.
“Max Payne, the stage play!”

Execution could be better, though.

There’s some clipping with the dead guy’s left foot, blood spray looks off (which is actually one of the hardest things to do well for pics), the adrenaline syringe doesn’t have its cap off (bodygroup’d), and there’s some wonky resolution issues around the hands (which I’m assuming is blurred to compensate for lack AA, yah?).

Regardless of the nit-picky shit, great concept. Good work.

Good original idea!