4GB memory on GPU, but Rust is using only about 500-800MB?

This is probably a big optimization flaw on part of the game. Theoretically many of us with GPU’s like this should be able to run RUST at a very high frame rate so the reason we do get such low fps may be very well because the game is not utilizing the RAM available to process render data. The main reason I believe this to be so is because at fantastic graphics the game runs at around 18-26 fps and at fastest graphics it runs 20-30 fps and not to mention thee frame rate is very consistent. To top is all off this is the frame rate when my draw distance is from 100-5000, however when i take it to 50 i get a +20 fps boost. All this ‘signs’ have therefore led me to believe that the lack of utilizing the processing power of the GPU by the game, leads to people with good GPU’s that can run Battlefield Hardline on Ultra settings at a constant 60 fps, getting inconsistent and low fps ingame.
However if I am wrong and if this issue can indeed be easily fixed please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Your cpu is also kind of a bottleneck there but since you’re playing on a laptop you’re stuck with that. Also that GPU ain’t really great either. Nothing wrong with the game, it’s all your hardware.

Just putting it out there


if you think it’s cause of his system it really isn’t.

Amen its definitely not the system, how the hell was i able to run battlefield hardline so well? xD

Hardline doesn’t seem to be that much demanding since it doesn’t have a huge gigantic world to render, they also have better ways to optimize their game since it’s also their very own engine.

Maybe but how about planetside 2 and csgo? i can run them perfectly too.

I’ve same problem, 1-2 months ago there was thread about it but nothing was done. It looks like Rust is using mostly CPU than GPU, my friend with weaker GPU but amd CPU overclocked to ~4,2 GHz got stable ~50 fps while i’m using 3,1 GHz i5 with better graphic card got ~20-30 fps on maximum settings.

Csgo can run on anything, really. The Source engine is crazily well optimized, don’t know about the planetside 2 engine though.

I’ve got an i5 as well but there’s a possibility that your i5 is actually just a dual core and the AMD CPU being a quad core. Mine’s a quadcore @ 4.2Ghz OC with an GTX 660 and I get at 1080p fullscreen constant 60fps in game.

All Desktop i5s are quad cores. There are a very FEW selection of i5 that are 2 cores but with hyper threading but that line is reserved for LAPTOPS only.

That part was mostly for the OP.

ahh my bad will correct

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also he has an i7 which is a 2 core 4 threaded, lack of physical cores could be mainly why he has shit performance

Plaster, my i5 is too quad core but your is overclocked to 4,2 GHz, i’ve got Geforce GTX 660 Ti, so better GPU than you but still a lot less fps idk why.

So is overclocking the only solution here? I’ve heard that you can input launch variables for steam games by checking their properties on steam to manually assign CPU power to the game. And not to mention would overclocking be damaging on my laptop? since its only recommended for CPU Rigs.

And I also forgot to mention that I’m not running rust at 1080p, im actually running it at 1366 x 768

Those games aren’t in alpha and are optimized. Rust isn’t optimized at this point, and optimization is something you do later, not sooner.

If you haven’t, turn on PVT, you’ll likely see a reasonable (but not massive) fps boost.

  1. I don’t think you can overclock a laptop’s CPU
  2. That would probably make your laptop melt

You can overclock laptop’s CPU. Mine is running at 3.7 Ghz BUT your configuration must be made for this.

Rust optimization is the major problem for most players, nothing to add here.

Not only CPU and Graphic card can be the problem. Maybe your motherboard doesn’t follow. Maybe the game lack so much of optimization that your connectors between RAM/CPU/GPU is saturated.

One thing is sure, Rust runs perfectly on latest config :

windows 8.1
i7 4790K 4.0 GHz
GTX 970 windforce
16 GB RAM 2133 Mhz CAS 9 (~8.5 ns latency)

Finally, laptop are not made for gaming (even alienware) except those that have a separate graphic card that you have to connect to your latop each time you open it.

Your GPU has 1.2 TFlops, mine has 4.5 Tflops… don’t ask why I have 80+ FPS and you 20-30.

PlanetSide 2 is fuckng well optimized and is not an indie game using Unity.

You can’t really just magically use more memory and gain performance from it. If there’s no more data that needs to be loaded on the GPU, then there’s nothing you need to do that will use the rest of the VRAM on the card.

That is apparently (based on the label) how much memory Mono is using, which I don’t think is necessarily representative of the entire process. I’d be interested in knowing what task manager claims rust.exe is using.

[Update: Never mind, I was looking at the wrong line in the system info.]

VRAM is not RAM, it’s not the same thing you’re trying to compare here.

Clearly the game needs more optimizing in this aspect xD