4v1 and the little guy WON!

I have read so many posts from people that are complaining about getting killed by a group of other players and in the interest of balance I decided to share the events that just happened on our server in the past 10mins.

Myself and 3 friends had spent the in-game day running around and pillaging anything that moved or wasn’t nailed down and had gathered quite a haul. We had several skirmishes with one particular player and had killed him a couple of times. After this particular day we decided to huddle behind some rocks so we could hit everything again as soon as the sun rose, while waiting here 2 of our team were testing the weapons we had found to see what mods were equipped and had flashed the torch a couple of times. As the darkness enveloped us there was a sudden flash of light and blood spraying everywhere as the guy mentioned earlier absolutely tore us apart (we were all arrogantly tabbed out looking at this very forum :D).

We all commended him on his accomplishment and dusted ourselves off, ready to get back into the action.

There are 2 morals to this story;

  1. Do not play with your flashlight in the dark kids ;D

  2. Play the game well, bide your time and you can unleash hell on anyone.

I love this freakin’ game :smiley: