4x Scope

Most of us know there’s a problem with the Scope. The other weapon attachments are fine as they are, I think. The thing is that it is very common, lots of people use them in clans and they massproduce them, so that if they would die, there will always be another one to grab. The scope itself is working just fine and I belive nothing should be changed, though it must be harder to get your hands on a scope. I propose, as many others here in the forum, that you must use a semi ingredient to craft a scope, like glas as an example. Whatever it might be it can’t be something you can farm, it must be found. Problem solved? Here’s a link to what others have to say in this topic http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1503856

You already found the other topic. Why did you open a new one then?

The other one was more of a discussion whenever the scope should be in game or not, but It was not a request, and this is just my own opinion with my own ideas.