4XSCOPE non researchable

Since the realease of that piece of crap 4xscope its impossible to play rust now … you can t even mine a rock 10 guys will shoot at you from 400 m away … 200 players on 70 % are camping their bases now killing nakeds where is the fun in that ?? Make it non researchable and drops only from hely like the machine gun … or remove it ! for fuck sake

It’s a new add-on give it time.

Agreed very poor idea adding this scope its changed the game completely …bad show realy

to be honest its funny to see a post like this, So many of you were bitching about that there are no scopes in game, now you have them and you hate em, i did see that coming.

I think they should add more variations of meele (range) confrontation stuff like more shotguns other Pistols, New Meeles + Maybe shields. New arrow types stuff like that.

I would have to agree with the op, adding the 4x scope was a terrible idea, the nakeds had a hard enough time getting around as it was, especially with all the roof campers, but now the roof campers can kill them far easilier from much greater distance. Bad call on this one FacePunch, bad call.

LOL You guys will never be satisfied!

I feel that the 4x scope adds a great dynamic to PvP combat, one of ranged engagement. Sure, you can engage someone at long range with a bolt, but lets face it, the iron sights are too chunky to allow for precise aiming and the holosight provides insufficient magnification.

Most Rust servers have huge maps - 16 to 25 square km usually, and the vast distances and varied terrain involved create an interesting environment to wage long range battles. The scope allows us (finally) to really take advantage of this. There are different weapons and attachments for different situations too. A bolt and scope won’t serve you very well when raiding a labyrinthine base or compound. An SMG/AK with a holosight will be preferable. The scope provides much needed accuracy to support players and marksmen in big raids and is a great defensive tool in the right situations.

There are simple ways to balance it too. High cost. High rarity. Scope sway. Increased recoil. It already minimizes your field of view dramatically. Balancing will come if it’s needed, just give it some time.

from the devblog

it’s first iteration guys, calm down with the kneejerk “OMG RUST GONNA DIE NOW!!1!”

When you look at it that way it seems like a good addition to the game, but at the moment it reduces recoil, which is definitely not the right way to go about it. it should have higher recoil and add an option to hold your breath to steady the aim which will then reduce recoil, it shouldn’t reduce recoil at all times.

Everything has limits and the scope was way to much … It should be non researchable like the m249 . Recoil doesn t matter now add it a laser and you have 30% less recoil try the laser on the m249 SICK! 3 bullets its enough to kill someone full geared without Headshots

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And now add a scope on the m249 … Nothing more to say here

admittedly i’m not convinced a scope should provide ANY recoil reduction. it’s only purpose is to allow you to aim at range, it doesn’t dampen kickback.

Until the scope provides peripheral vision it kinda sucks anyway.

Recoil reduction really means nothing on a bolt action too.

This is true, I was under the impression that by “recoil” they actually meant weapon sway. Cause if anything a scope would increase recoil, but it would reduce weapon sway when aiming down the sights. That’s just what I thought though. They might have actually meant recoil.

Nakeds should learn where not to go.
They are perfectly fine outside of monument/road/powerline -areas.

Lol so how are they suppose to get blueprints then? no they’re not perfectly fine outside of those areas, if they were then there would be no need to go to these areas.

Monuments roads and powerlines are the only places to get bp frags. No bpfrags, barrels or crates = absolutely no progression.

Maybe once they add the xp and levelling system what you’re saying might be warranted, but at the moment everyone needs to go to these areas in order to get bps and progress further in the game.

If anything the fully geared players with all the end game bps shouldn’t be going to these areas, but of course they still do.

Your logic is stupid, I’m sorry. If they don’t go to these areas, then they don’t progress in the game whatsoever, so what would even be the point in playing then?

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be there at all, I’m just saying that they shouldn’t expect to be safe there. I’m really tired of people complaining about getting bolted down while being naked. Well… you are in a high risk area… expect it. Make use of the rain or so. Rainstorms beat 4x scope anytime. And build your house somewhere far far away from these zones, where you can chop wood and pickaxe stone in peace and without the certainty of getting bolted down while doing so.

Ah okay, you just made it sound like they should never be there. And yeah what you’re saying is true, the people that complain about it are pretty stupid, they should expect it to happen. The only time I go to these areas, is when I’ve got a bag nearby, I’ll respawn at the bag, grab as many bpfrags as a I can, reveal a book or a few pages and then inevitably be killed, but I go there expecting to get killed by geared people or a snipe tower. Or sometimes I’ll go there with a bow or a shotgun and try to kill a geared guy and run off with his loot, doesn’t always work out that way though.

In my original post I was just saying how much harder it will be to do stuff like this if they can kill you from a tower much easilier now. But yes, you should still expect it and be smart about it.

Sorry for being so rude about it, I’m use to being a troll on these forums as a fair few people on these forums either don’t know what they’re talking about or are just stupid.

The 4X scope is not the problem. The major problem is that people can build near monuments. The no-build radius must be 2X bigger. This make roof camping less effective.

I love the scope. And building near monuments.
Honestly, I’d like to see the bullet velocity increased and drop lessened to be a bit more realistic, and change the scope to 6x with a thinner reticle.

I honestly think that the recoil reduction on both the laser attachment and the scope should be removed, that kind of thing should be left to the new xp system. Combat experience adds a slight reduction in recoil at each new level or however the devs will implement it. But other than that I think the scope is a great addition to the game.