5 americans holding the line with a sherman.

C&C please

Looks like you cut the muzzleflash out from a magazine with scisors

What map, please?

This is actually dod_donner. :3

The posing needs some work.

Don’t think you should use In-Game blood.

NICE DUDE :smiley: hey where did you get those ww2 models?

nice job on blurring the picture and then cropping the soldiers out so they’re not, and then not bother to fix the bleaching of their blurred silhouettes from the background


me no like the blood on the nazi :confused: i mean blood needs work…

Here is the thread, :slight_smile: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=613645

It’s not too bad overall. Posing does need some work.
Where’s that M1A1 Carbine model from?

The ground looks shiny. :v:

The blood on the German looks like he got a whole clip shot into him. Also, why would he be against the sandbags facing the direction of where the rest of the Germans are?

I love the bloom

Those are just custom models for day of defeat source, not bf194.


  1. its a M1 Carbine not m1a1 2. thats just the m1 carbine model from day of defeat source.

Not too bad, poing is stiff

The shadows on the sandbags are terrible. You clearly just drew them on with the burn tool without isolating at all.

I know that they aren’t faceposeable, but they look retarded. :v:

My bad, I don’t have DoD and I forgot that the M1A1 was the paratrooper version.

The download link is broken.