"$5 an unexepcted prehistoric fucker appears?" - A bet between two soldiers

**Well fuck wouldn’t you know it.


**Just remembered how much of a difference jpeg_quaility 100 makes. And god damn these ragdolls are pleasant to pose with.

Holy shit!

I loled, pretty awesome screenshot

goddamn monsters

stop eating our cars, do you know how much they cost


‘Destroy Your Hunger’ billboard.
Oh, the irony.

Hahaha shit didn’t see that myself :smiley:

Ahahahha, nice one!

Also why I have this thread up, anyone know any good rocket trail tutorials? :v:

Holy shit, what is that?!


Silly monster, why are you eating cars?
Cars aren’t even good for you…
Silly monster.

“Gimmie my five bucks…”

I want that prehistoric fucker model.

whats the map?

Then it says burgertank :smiley:

in soviet russia car eats you

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
in Soviet Russia,
poem writes you.


Then you shall have it my friend:


The guide on a tourist bus. “May I direct your attention to the left where you will see a prehistoric fucker rampaging the city”. Nice work.