5 Big Chubby Bobby Heads


I dont know what to say

Excellent posing you have there, I like how it almost looks exactly like an npc animatio


Maybe he’s advertising his bobble head dolls.

Well it was kind of cheap to use NPCs to do this picture. Also don’t use gm_construct for screenshots.

You just basicly spawned some npcs and used the inflator on them.

Excellent attempt at being a dumbass


Read this.

Avatar fits very well.

This is the worst piece of shit that has ever popped up on my computer screen.

Just a few npc+inflator= piece of steaming shit

Yeah, NPC’s bad. NPC’s w/inflated head? God help us all.

Well, you spawned a few npcs, and then inflated thier heads on gm_construct.

How do you come with this genius idea though?

so chubby

DanielPinoy is a pretty cool guy, eh makes troll screenshots and doesnt afraid of anything.

Why is everyone so sarcastic?
IT SUCKS! Spawned NPCs and used inflator on them… oh boy…