5 Easy Fixes for Rust/Gary

Hey, so this game is in alpha and is showing some great promise. Here’s 5 simple things they can implement to make game play extremely better. Having played a week I can tell you this game highly favors those who enjoy harassing others and those who have various sociopathic tendencies.

  1. Building Share and Lockout: Simply put, it’s too easy to grief solo players or small groups right now by building foundations onto theirs, building on their foundations, etc. Many servers don’t allow that kind of gameplay but find it hard to enforce. Add an option for server mods to turn on/off a foundation share. It would be simple, like door share. If you foundation share with a player, they can build on and around your foundations/buildings. It also locks out anyone else placing a foundation within two squares of your building. This would greatly reduce the need for extremely complex bases which cause all sorts of loading lag issues in the game.

  2. Allow a Player to Enter a Number for Resources: Please allow someone to enter the number they want to craft or another way to take a specific number from a pile without using split all the time. This seems obvious.

  3. Vault Doors/Walls: Expensive but highly resistant to C4 and immune to grenades. I’d imagine if you make it so these use stones (which everyone has thousands of with nothing to do with) it would make a ton of people happy. Again, allowing players to create a vault greatly reduces the need to make these giant complex buildings to hide their loot. Will it stop people from raiding? No, but it’ll make it so you can set up a reasonable and modest base/house/etc and still have a decent protection.

  4. Moat/Pitfall Squares/Tiles: Tie them to foundations, make a moat only able to be placed within two squares of a foundation. Obviously other players cannot build on a moat square. Pitfalls can be placed anywhere and degrade, but are near lethal and trap a player. They should be expensive (200-300 wood, 50-100 stones, 25-50 leather/cloth, etc).

  5. Adrenaline Rush: Some sort of way to even the game play of the ambush. Something like, if you’re shot/attacked and have not attacked a player withing the past 60 seconds you get a 25% run speed bonus for 10 seconds that can only trigger once every 5-10 minutes. If more terrain is added to hide behind this isn’t as critical. But right now a decent shot who gets the drop on you has a major advantage.

Other than that… I think there needs to be some incentives to make people more interested in working together to survive rather than treating other players as a loot pinata… or join up with a gang of people that go around slaughtering everyone. It seems like every server is filled with the psychopaths from Mad Max and the game world is set up to make them unstoppable. Most people’s gameplay (mine included) takes a big nose dive when you spawn with a rock and 5 people with machine guns are on you yelling at you to “take your pants off” or they will kill you. I see the twisted humor in it, but it gets old quick.

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Agh, almost forgot. Lets make this list 6 things.

  1. Improved Stuctures - Wood/Metal: Allow players to make a patch kit for their walls that limit visibility and add some hit points to the structure. Right now part of the reason bases need to be so big is you can see right what’s inside the rooms… so you have to effectively double wall or create a maze with bait rooms to create an effective base that makes it hard for others to get into your stuff.

I still wait for the stone walls and barbed wire fences they promised…
Patrol helicopter also disappeared…

Helicopter disappeared because too many people complained about it before it was even in game. Also because the game isn’t ready for the helicopter, nor is the community.

You can shift+click and ctrl+click to select more items while crafting. Ie: craft all, craft ten, etc. I’m guessing you didn’t know.

Adrenaline rush would be exploited, so no. Upgraded structures is cool like a vault, something that requires a lot of c4 instead of building massive houses you can just build a cool 2 floor with 2 vaults in it, which would take the same amount of c4 to get in as it would for a 6 story 2x2, etc.

I really like the idea of a vault. Maybe have different levels (weak vault, avg vault, strong vault)? Have them require an amount of resources commensurate with building up multiple levels of a house.

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More likely, helicopter disappeared because it was going to be incredible complicated to implement - the AI, flying, the new weapons, etc. It’s a lot easier to create the model of something than it is to write the code that makes it do something in game.

I didn’t know, nor did most of the players I played with on the shift+click. Thanks.

Saying “something will be exploited” in Rust is like saying “water is wet”. But I see what you mean. People could just do minimal dmg to someone, who medkits and uses the speed boost to chase someone else down.

The only base design we had that was virtually impossible to raid was this ‘hotel’ design, a ~7 x 12 base with ~10 floors. The first floor was pretty open on the inside with nothing but doors to the outside (so noone could block them all in) and ~12 stair cases that lead up to other floors. Floors 2-10 were a checkerboard with nothing but doors in all 4 walls and chests in each room. It was complete with the pillar fortress surrounding the base to prevent people building on/up.

The problem is, players don’t raid you when you’re online and this game has no suitable defenses for that. I finished up this sweet lighthouse yesterday and decided to go out to dinner and a movie (I didn’t get pillar defense up…) come back and there’s shit built all over it. Mind you, most of my loot was well hidden and I have no problem with replacing walls or losing loot… but now I’ve got all these pillars and stairs on the building I can’t do anything about until the admin gets on.

Like your ideas Drekkor…you are spot on with your take on the game in its current state. I’m afraid I am beginning to find the game tedious at this stage in its development. I must be too old to enjoy just running around aimlessly ruining the work of others, over and over, and then having all my efforts trashed as well. I suppose there is a thrill to blowing someones doors off their hinges and pinching their stuff…just not my cup of tea as the main course. I hope the game will gain depth as it develops.

I have made a few posts in the week or two I have been on the forums and expressed similar sentiments…the venom I received back was most amusing…in fact it occurred to me that the battle of personalities within a thread on the forum is more enjoyable than the combat in the game itself…

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I like the adrenaline idea, that will make some situations fairer to the victim.