5 minute rule for sleeping bags - Question


So I just got killed, and didn’t want to run back out of my camp so soon. I’m sitting here waiting for 5 minutes before I go back out (to be on the safe side). If I die within the 5 minutes of respawning at my camp, can I simply wait 5 minutes before respawning? Meaning, I would stay on the “YOU’RE DEAD” screen until the 5 minutes is up. Does it work like this?



i think it does, why though? the cooldown is on using the sleeping bag not dying

Basically, I was in the situation where I was just killed near my camp (guy didn’t know where it was). I respawned at my camp, but I didn’t want to run back out for risk of dying and not being able to spawn at my camp again. Does the sleeping bag disappear if you try to re-respawn within 5 minutes of respawning?

no it does not, anyone can destroy it though

as long as no one destroys the sleeping bag you can always respawn there, after waiting 4 minutes

you can actually die and respawn at a random location, then 5 minutes later use the /suicide command and respawn at your bed assuming it has not been destroyed.

to be more clear: you can die any number of times in 5 minutes, once that 5 minutes are over you will respawn at your bed. You can also have several beds and die immediatly after spawning in the first bed, then you would respawn in the 2nd bed.