5 reason rust should be on xbox stores.

1 - More people have an xbox

2 - The majority of people have a faster xbox than a computer.

3 - Xbox live gold) help the makers of xbox get some money too.

4 - It would be harder to hack

5 - Controllers (in my opinion) are easier to use/control then a mouse or a mouse pad.

What are you doing

  1. You are saying more people has a Xbox 360 then a PC?..
  2. May be true, but the graphic quality woulden’t be as good as on a computer.
  3. They are already earning a shit ton of cash of kids playing xbox 360, dont think it would make a huge difference if Rust would come to Xbox.
  4. Harder… I dont think so it is still a way to hack but it will be harder, yes.
  5. Personal preference.

Facepunch haven’t ever made a console game. Closest is an iOS game.

No. JUST No.

Firstly, you are insulting the poor people who cant afford a good computer.
Second, you have a weird opinion about controllers. So just leave.

I’m also pretty sure Unity doesn’t exist for consoles

  1. no.
  2. stop being poor.
  3. they’ve got enough.
  5. so use a controller.

1 - um, more numbers means nothing at this stage

2 - That doesn’t really mean shit, if your computer is slower than your xbox you probably are already a console gamer (thus look at point 1)

3 - yeah because they need more money

4 - no its not

5 - thats subjective

This isn’t an Alpha for a game that’s on consoles.
It’s an Alpha for a PC title that uses Unity.

Saying “LOL moov it too XBOX PC suks” won’t do you any good.

Please learn the difference between then and than.

Also, you’re an idiot.

i really hate it when people in this section tell others to leave despite joining this month, it’s like the worst form of elitism

It does, its not just available by default


mah merge

if your computer is slower than your xbox you need to get a new computer, then get your xbox controller, wire it to your new fine pc, install the driver, play.

my only complaint is that you can’t use wireless xbox controllers

Sad but true… however there are some adaptators or something, it’s not the same experience but at least it makes it work.

Shtap now. This is an awful idea. Absolutely horrible.

Besides that it costs a lot to buy a license to public for the 360, you also forget that this game most likely won’t fall under the Xbox Live policy since it can support up to… Unlimited players

1 - Most dumb thing i have ever heard

2 - You can make a good computer, for as much as an xbox costs, not my fault half of the people do not understand computers well enough and just buy one in a super market -.-

3 - The makers of xbox are microsoft, you really think they do not have enough money?

4 - You are just talking out of your ass.

5 - You can use a controller on a computer, and honestly me and many people prefer a mouse and a keyboard.

I’m sorry but you lost me at your first reason.

yeah and it’s impossible to limit the amount of players