5 screenshots from Mr.Shpigun

Hello there.
I hope you like that pics…

He we go:

This is without Photoshop. I swear.

Rate and comment please.

Apart from the aliasing/JPEG quality issues, they’re all nice.

I really like the scout one.

Expected absolute garbage, I was delightfully surprised.

The third screen made me speechless.

Great work.

Ok you have to be lying for the 5th.
That’s some amazing shit there.
Also very nice lighting on the 3rd.

Very good

You’re lying on the 5th one, I just can’t see how it is possible, did you use color correction?

Color Mod in Gmod.

In this map (ep3) there was color surfacing, when you and Alyx come closer to that house.
I just catch that moment and CLICK. Deal is done. I wash my hands.

LAst & first one are really good looking

very nice

That scout thing is fuckign amazing holy shit.

I was expecting crap because of the undescriptive attention-whorish title, but man, that’s awesome! :wink:

Thanks man :smiley:
I just dunno how to name this thread.