50/50 chance that the ulx menu works or not.

Lately when i goto my Ulx menu on the server and i go to change a setting like wether god mod is on or not i get a console error and nothing happens, i’d quote this console error but it hasn’t happened right now so i do not know it.

As i have said in the thread title its a 50-50 sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve tried multiple re-installations and non have worked. Also fellow admins of mine have complained that it happens with them to.

Any ideas of what is causing this?

p.s: If i get the console error in the near future then i will post it here to help you further.

Heres the console errors :

** ulx/modules/cl/adminmenu.lua:17: bad argument #1 to ‘SetText’ (string expected, got nil)

ulx/modules/cl/adminmenu.lua:50: bad argument #1 to ‘SetText’ (string expected, got nil) **

Those are the two different errors which get printed multiple times.