50 Cent Ragdoll

Could anyone make a 50 Cent ragdoll?

I think you can rip it from hes new game called “Blood on the Sand” or the old one(although i doubt that anyone has that garbage lol.)

Pics(just incase):

Note:try not to cry about how much his music sucks cause i know damn well how much his music sucks, i need the ragdoll for a video.


i would if i still had it but sold it so my only way to get it is buying it again :frowning: but i also say that if i still had it i would rip 50 an the others from it an make npcs an player modles and ragdolls so then i can go hyper on g-mod

umodel supports it, it would be possible



^awwwww sheeeeeeet

Give me a link, And there will be alot of blood on the floor.

replace his head with a gorilla head and then we got a 50 cent ragdoll

Don’t forget about the 9 bullet wounds to the head… wait.

and his banana gun and a book of his lies : D

Don’t forget his half billion net worth oh shi-

Your right, Umodel does work and:

nice DJ Whoo Kid just need 50 released an Banks an Yayo

As you know i already have them ripped, just cant get 50 Cent just seems to make umodel spam garbage

lol but still i have noticed that on the image they screwed up the eyes HE HAS BROWN EYES U IDIOT NOT BLUE!!

Lilwasa must have used the example textures that come in the XXX file as well, i made that mistake still hes not an idiot! Do not disrespect lilwasa, he is awesome!

just because he ripped out 50 an u cant :L

Just means he can work Umodel or the ripper he used better than me, and rightfully so, he probably knows how to do things better than how i approached and did it =3

but still u failed

Player model is done, just need to re do the spine bones then will be ready to release DJ whoo kid, I wont attempt anything on 50 cent as I know that lilwasa will make a better one than what i’ll do :slight_smile:

but u can make correct eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

also davij086 stop hijacking the thread!