50+ hours on this game, all wasted thanks to cheaters

3 aimbotters dominated my server. they wasted no time gathering all of the air drops and c4…

They blew my base to the ground, leaving nothing left. its pretty sad that cheaters are allowed to exist in this game. I wasted a lot of time

cheaters names: MustangGT, hockeyqc, MrTop

At least when people cheat in CS:Go, you waste 1hr of play time instead of 50+

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

Post it here.
We have enough people who are missing this thread every time.

its funny, because i waste up 200 hours on this game (more correctly to cheaters of this game)

meh ive had almost 500 hrs

Still, the game is Early Access and currently in Alpha stage.
That’s not wasting time, that’s testing.

Play on a server with active admins.

I have been on lots of servers with so called “active admins”… The busier the server the more needed they are and less likely they are to make it in time to help you. Just like real cops, they only arrive after the crime in time to fill out the report. After the damage is done.

wasting hours is relative… you will experience a lot of wipes…

uh you’re alpha testing a game here":

ALL the time spent on this is wasted in terms of player effort: nobody is keeping any gear or any structures at retail. that’s just standard. everyone gets wiped.

that’s part of why I stopped playing it that much: there really isn’t anything to “do” so to speak but run around playing cod on a small map or spend a couple hours working on a base that serves no purpose.

at least on other games you can actually feel legit anger when you get greased because you actually DID lose your work.

over here on Rust you can’t lose what you never had.


If you had fun on those 50 hours, it’s not a waste