50 keys now?

Totally unsure if this has already been brought up, if it has feel free to lock this thread or whatever.

Saw the auction page and they dropped the limit to 50 keys now?

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the sticky for discussing the auction" - postal))

I feel good that I bought it at 250

Saw that too. Someone already bought one for well over $100. Glad I got mine now… I imagine they’ll all sell around $50 now. Too bad they did that… probably be fewer new folks this way. Maybe they’re at a cap now.

Aww man, was going to buy one ._.
Why I’m so bloody unlucky

Well their latest post on twitter said why :


Good to see they’re communicating a little bit more as well including the recent DDoS on the US servers via twitter.

Ahh, so this will be probably temporarly (Hope so)
Thanks Quirky for telling.

More than likely with the DDoS they’d rather not increase the load and make things even worse as well as having a gaggle of angry people after their heads. I’m sure they’ll increase it once that is solved as well as anything else they’re trying to iron out :slight_smile:

i bought the last one today 43 bucks and i only played for 10 min b4 the servers died

I was actually kind of hoping they would stop selling keys all together, and close up the alpha again. Just want low congestion, private testing. about 90 on a server (map at it’s current size) seems just fine for me.