50 keys

I saw that there are 50 keys today. I was seriously going to try and get one today but I guess I will have to wait till there are more! . I’m not asking for one I am just letting out anger! :suicide:

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the sticky for discussing the auction" - postal))

It’s temporary… read before posting :slight_smile:

Its been lower’d until the servers are fixed, and everything is running smoothly again.

Honestly, I think this only shows the honesty and commitment of the devs.

Little searching in a thread very similar to this …guess what I found?

I hope this will only be for a day - I wanted to get one today so badly :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty,they shouldn’t be selling any keys until the server issues are fixed. Instead of trying to pack 50 more players on the 2-3 servers that are already overcrowded as it is.

Its all about the money bob, garrys gonna make close to as much from 50 keys as from 250, as the prices are much higher because people want the game and are under more pressure from competition.

Patience is a valuable virtue…

too bad the rust community doesn’t seem to notice that :p, once the keys are halfed everybody rushes to buy and its gone within 2 minutes.

Would you believe that I got my key for under $20?

I would if you brought it when the buy option first became avaliable? I got mine for 50, kinda sucks people are getting it for less but hey, I had it within a few days of the buy option.

Closed alpha, absolutely free here!

Nope, got it a day before yesterday.

Yeah you got it when there was 250 keys im guessing, I saw them once they got to 20$ a few minutes later they sold out