50 shades of garry

While some of us, at the Pluton irc were trying to make bots running around, i thought it would be useful to have an army of Garrys.




Hey qk99…do you really just go around and put Dumb on everyone’s replies? I’ll remember that

This is the beginning of the end :suicide:

HA! it would be awesome to see hundreds of Garrybots swarming up a hill to attack my fortress!! i’d run out of ammo!

Should definately be added in-game, an army of Garrys that randomly attackes players and buildings, and moves as a swarm…

That would be so fun!!

Like the movie World War Z

I’m totally ok with everything decided up to here.

No, just dumb ones.

I’m sure you’ll for some reason remember it, feel free to use the information that I find dumb replies like “ROFL, WTF?” dumb in some sort of anti-me campaign if you feel like it.

Also, for the record, it’s a G. Not a Q.

meh i don’t care if you think it’s a dumb response. i put what i think at the time, and i stand by it:)

I don’t care if you don’t care, I hardly care you even made the post. I rated it, carried on with my life, and could’ve lived happily never remembering it even existed, but then that guy was all “DO YOU JUST GO AROUND RATING PEOPLE DUMB I’LL REMEMBER THAT” so I mean, of course I had to check back in since I’m apparently in a spotlight.

Besides, if I had a real problem and cared enough about it, I would’ve made a post before I had people bringing my name up.

well i don’ t care that you don’t care that i don’t care about your dumbvote on my comment from ages ago…so there :stuck_out_tongue:

no seriously, couldn’t care less either way what people think about my comments. if i do i’ll comment back pretty soon after. you are entitled to your opinion, and it was pretty “dumb” in terms of content. i just stand by it as my response to the op :slight_smile:

For the record … I don’t care either. :dance:

to get back on Topic, the army of Garrys probably should be used as a super weapon Via Mob Warfare. You must presuaed each of them that you are the real Garry and lead them to rule Rust. The catch is if you at any time don’t act like garry they turn on you killing and T-bagging your body.

Haha, the highest tier weapon, above c4, is: Summon an army of Garrys.

Zombies are back!


Do they attack?

It’s just the flinch animation captured in the right moment. ;(
I could tell him to attack back tho… (or actually think)

Reminded me of this, just replace “Malkovich” with “Garry.”