50 Slot Server

I am making a 50 slot RP server, But, I do not know what game mode to use. I don’t want to use DarkRP.

You dont need 50 to start. Try 15-25.


Besides that, use cakescript.

No, I started with a 32 slot server and it got very popular, I am now upgrading the slots and the game mode.

Sounds like your making a new one.

Yea I know, sorry for not making it clear enough.


i dont know what the max is. thought 40-50 or something like that

just do like sv_maxplayers 50


also, is it a listed server? or a dedicated?

Ok, my server is up, I want the default gamemode DarkRP and the default map to RP_Downtown_v2, how will I do that?

How did you get a popular 32 slot server when you don’t even know how to do the simplest functions in SRCDS?

Make sure the map command is the last thing in the file.

Wouldn’t that cause an infinite loop and reload server every time to that map?

My friend Looter did everything for me.

All I did was pay for it and be a admin.

If it was in server.cfg, yes. Autoexec.cfg is loaded after the server has actually launched. Server.cfg is loaded after the map has loaded.

I use autoexec.cfg to load the map, but you can also do this on the command line.

-Snip- I got it fixed.

The default gamemode is DarkRP, But the map is still set to gm_construct, how do I fix it? I put exactly what you said and put it in Autoexec.cfg

I had a lot of issues with that on a dedicated server running DarkRP, so I gave up. Went to a good-ole build server.

If you’re renting a server, they usually give you a panel in which you can configure the command line.

As Teddi says, check your game panel for an option to change the command line, and edit “+map”.

Everything is setup good. If anyone wants me to host their new RP gamemode, I will. You will get a lot of comments on it because a lot of people play my server. Just post in here.

Just use changegamemode rp_downtown_v2 darkrp

That is what I always do.