500 Player Hard Cap

Rustralasia.net has 500/500 people on it. 500 Players is the Hard cap by you so it cannot be upped by the owner any higher. There are currently over 100 people in the Queue to get in. Its only 11AM in Australia so its not even prime time for another 6 hours. This is crazy. Please Make it 1000 players Max or higher. Please Garry.

this is not an official server they have no control over this…
If the server is that full… go play on a different server.

i think i saw a server once 1000 players, so it’s possible. Owner side. unless the developers limited the max cap is 500.

Bullshit, just last week rustralasias player cap was 1018. So the owner definitely can up the limit if they wish. 500 on one server it plenty, not sure why you would want more then that.

Smarter question: Why not just make two rustralasia servers if they’ve proven to be that popular?

They already have two servers, ones low pop with a max 200 and that’s always full as well.

not that i play on the russian servers, but i do kind of agree with zipper here; if they are so popular, why not have 2 x 500 player servers instead? i’d be surprised if their system could cope with 1000 players worth of datastream.

but yeah, i see no reason the cap shouldn’t be something arbitrary like 10,000. let people test how many players the server can actually cope with. it’s alpha anyway; break everything to see how it works, then fix it.

These sort of things don’t grow on trees.

Unless a servers community is willing to help support the cost of server maintenance, then it’s really not viable the owner to continue providing for 499 or 999 other people who would move the the next server if they weren’t forking out money to provide the service.

This is true,at the same time shouldn’t the option at least be made available to a server owner? I mean, give us that choice. There are indeed server communities that do that sort of thing anyway and are quite successful. Just give us server owners that option

Bradyns is referring to creating a second server.

Can anyone think of any technical limitations behind raising the playercap above FIVE HUNDRED PLAYERS PER SERVER in alpha? Can anyone think of why the vanilla server might just be capped right now? The server is hardly bulletproof robust yet.

And that’s assuming the limitation is actually enforced by the server. If the server owner OP is bitching about set the cap to 500, OP just has to DEAL WITH IT or run his own server.

Hi everyone, i’m the owner of Rustralasia
We have found a bug with steam/Rust (most likely steam) where even if your player limit is above 500 no more than 500 people can join, any new players will be greeted with “Steam Auth Timeout”

As a test we move the player pop down to 500 and let the queue build up (over 300 people waiting)
when we increased the server pop everyone in the queue instantly got that steam auth timeout message http://puu.sh/nV8aP/41a6db7db6.jpg

as for making a second 500 pop server, short answer is we cant afford to run another large server like that, at the moment the main server costs around $800 per month and with the Easter holidays and higher than normal pop we will be looking at over a grand just for the main server.

and then we have the Low pop server which is another few Hundred + Website/TS licenses.

200 is low pop now?

Compared to their main server which has a max of 500 people that is constantly full, yeah it is low pop.

haha yes for us thats low pop
we are playing around with the idea of moving to 250 to help with the queue of the main server.

$800 for the server? What specs are you renting ?

a lot of the cost is just bandwidth that we are paying for
server specs are:
Intel Xeon E3-1241 V3 @3.5Ghz (base clock)
2x 120GB SSD in RAID 1
20TB of bandwidth included
that part is $380.00 ex GST (Tax)
because we use more than 20TB on the main server we have to get data packs and thats where it really hitting us, for an extra 5TB it’s $338.00 ex GST
so once you add the taxes its $789.80 total

The price you pay in just two months you could buy your own server box, for that entire computer/server box you’re renting it would cost roughly $1800AUD, then you could just get an nbn 100mbps connection with unlimited bandwidth and save yourself a shitload of money in the long run, you’d only be paying $120 a month for the Internet, which is fuck all compared to the $800 you’re currently paying, then after 3 months with the money you saved you could then build a far better server box with 2 Xeon e5s in it for the main server and use the one you purchased a few months beforehand for the low pop server.

$800 a month is ridiculous, I would just buy the computer/server box myself, you’d be forking out a fair bit for the box, but you’d be saving a ton of money in the long run.

yeah 800$ dollar is an ridiculous price.

pretty tired tonight so my response will be pretty short and full of grammar and spelling mistakes :smiley:

We have been running this server for about 2 and a half years now and tried many solutions along the way, we have found the server providers in Australia are pretty hit and miss, while most are great if you have less than 200 players on them once you go above that you run into network bottlenecks. Servers Australia have been the only mob that have been able to handle our load and mange most of the ddos attacks towards the server. We have gotten a pretty good deal with them, normally for 25TB of bandwidth it would cost $1598 and thats without hardware.
When it comes to Australian Data centers its never cheap.

As for running on a 100mbps NBN connection, that would never work because a ddos attack would take it out in no time and not only that but with 500 players on we are hitting around 160mbps in just upload http://puu.sh/nY2fD/dd5d7831f0.png

But that insane price includes 99,99% availability and 24/7/½ SLA I guess? :stuck_out_tongue: