500 things which make a good civil protection !?

  1. Strict
  2. He Has a Microphone
  3. Reasonable
  4. over 16 years old

continue e.g. next guy write
5. another thing which makes a good cp
then the next guy writes
6. another thing which makes a good cp


  1. badass
  2. He dosn’t Have a Microphone
  3. unReasonable
  4. over 13 years old

No your suppose to do these numbers

i already did them lol

7.Being too awesome for someone random demote him, so he dont fear it.

this isn’t darkrp thats why I modded his.

  1. Good RPer.


*Divides by zero ==
8. A Nigerian Bastard under that mask

  1. Knows how to jump out of a window if necessary
  2. Knows how to wield a gun, and not go “Trigger Happy” all of the time
  1. Remaining a cool attitude during gunfights. No one will fucking understand ZOMGASSSSDSDSDDTHEYKILLME.
  2. Grenades. They are your best friend when it comes to a gunfight.
  3. Gangsters will always try to set ambushes in narrow areas. Try too look for other routes.
  4. When you raid a gun dealer’s shop make sure to prop block the door. No matter how much the playerbase bitches… It is needed.
  5. Having background knowledge of the RP Wars,Trench Warfare in Garry’s Mod,and Garry’s Mod Forward Bases will increase you survival rate in a Dark RP server.
  6. If a player has a gun in public. Warn them ,and ask them to put it away. If they say “No.” Shoot ,and ask questions later.
  7. If your facing resistance from Yellow Warehouse on Downtown_V2 the best plan is too set up trenchlines/propblocks on all of the enemies trade routes/escape routes. Doing this on a server with Hunger Mod will almost guarantee the enemy to go hungry inside their fort.
  1. Is on a gamemode which is NOT DarkRP

DarkRP is good, people just make it shitty. So to the topic:
19. Does teamwork and helps others

I’ll just comment on these quickly.

Is strict? If the player is a nazi bastard who forces everyone to follow the rules, that is bad. The character should be strict, not the player.

Has a microphone? Why?

Being reasonable, well, sure.

Over 16 years old? Goddamn, I suppose I’m not a good CP roleplayer even though I had one such character on TnB and consider myself a good roleplayer.
Seriously now, many good roleplayers are under fifteen. If they aren’t around thirteen, they generally seem to be at least eighteen.

theres no gangsters in hl2rp, only rebels

Which neither of the parties know how too win a gunfight. Oh wait. I stand corrected… Their very good at killing each other on TnB.

  1. Beats random citizens (Thats what they did in Hl2!)
  2. Doesn’t actually have a body, only a suit.
  3. Owns a Combine Sniper.
  4. Owns a Combine APC.
  5. Owns rockets for that Combine APC.
  6. Owns the turret for that Combine APC.
  7. Owns bitches like a baws.
  8. Is just pure beastin.
  9. Has a huge black gun.
  10. That gun shoots 50.cal lasers?
  11. Hes 7 years old.

How in hell does that make a good cop/civil protection?
Anyway 31, Actually rp’s.

Have you heard of this thing called ‘sarcasm’?

No, he hasn’t.

What makes me a good Metrocop?
If I were a bad metrocop, I wouldn’t be sitting here beating you now would I?

31: Has a mask-filtered voice and goes “Sector down at units 21-50 overwatch please send cake and biotics” and stuff

32: flings explosive barrels at you.
33: Is an admin, and will ban you for seemingly, no reason