500th post

Oh… 500 posts… Here’s a pic of a guy checking his phone.


From top:




Needs edit and higher gfx

Also, I was expecting something special, like a 500th posts party picture or something but got this normal shopping thing.

Up the Graphics.

Whoa. I have the highest graphics, AAx2, mat_pimpin -10.
All the shadows and shit to the max.

AA plox

Sorry, crash with higher aa.
But lets talk about the pic, not the graphics

Why is your 500th post such a big deal? I don’t get it.

Pic is okay, graphics aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination. Just fairly random. And again, why the stress on 500 posts?

Those trees don’t have AA so they make the whole picture look low quality.


500 posts is nothing special.

10,000 posts is somethintg wery special

10th post is fkn supr special

Well, I just wanted a picture.


And will anyone make any comments on the fucking picture please?

you think 500 is much?

You can make poses with proper titles and without having a certain amount of posts.

Indeed, needs moar descriptive title.

It’s only 500 posts. Nothing special.


The original idea was to have the guy checking FP, and saying: 500 posts… Nah…

WHat map is that? Great picture though.

yay 500 posts!!!1one!shift+one omgg!!!one



Its rp_evocity2_v1 something like that

There’s something about those car models I don’t like. They look like toys. Same for the cart corral. If someone added a cubemap for those models, they would look more realistic. None of that’s your fault though.

Is that cop enforcing the “Corral your cart law” :v: