502nd PIR, 101st Airborne Division.



C&C Please :downs:

Turn off the bloom.

Ok! Thanks! But, did you like it???

Guy in the front, his right arm needs some work. Doesn’t even look natural.
But just one question, what the hell is on their arms? Dirt? Blood?

No. I never said I did like it.

No fingerposing on the back two soldiers…

No fingerposing at all.

Read his username.

An alt of an permbanned user, eh?


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Please guys be more constructive!

Turn down the bloom and work on your posing and I suggest you to use fingerposing.

Turn down the bloom and get better textures for his helmet and face, or at least cubmap 'em.

And also, work on the posing and remember, post editing is just as good as in game editing, GIMP is your friend.

where do u get that soldiers ragdolls???

Way to bump a two-year old thread, dumbass.