50Cal. ,30Cal machine gun swep.

Alright everyone how are we doing today, Well I’ve been working on a new gamemode in gmod for some time now.

It’s been doing really well the only thing is I’m not the Best at Lua Scripting.
So I got a request for some of you guys, and Girls out there who think they have what it takes to do this.

I believe This can be done, it might take some time, but it will be all worth it in the end.

here’s what I need from you…

Now you may have to Build a new Model of it, or if you can find one sitting around.

A 50.cal Machine Gun/ with a Front Shield.
Now the Gun will work just like the Mounted AR2 turret on Half-life 2 if you guys can remember it in the game.

It will be more likely to be a Entities then a Weapon swep.

The Front Shield will be the Main Prop, once spawned you will be able to pick it up and move around and Freeze as well as unfreeze it in whatever place you want it.
Then press your use Key “E” too Mount it, and Shoot.

Ammo will be needed.
Once you spawn the Gun it will have no ammo.
I have the Gamemode setup to where you have to buy all the Ammo for the gun’s once you buy the Gun. Also it can hold 250 rounds in once Box mag.
Takes Rifle ammo.

I’ll tell you more about the Gun, like the Damage of each round once I have some people that are willing to help me out.

Next well have the M1919 .30 Caliber Machine Gun.

Yes it will also have a Front shield as same as the 50.cal does.
I was just too Lazy to draw it on there.

Now this one is pretty much the same thing, This one will be easy once the 50’s done. all it needs is a Model, and Weapon script, as in the Damage it does, and so forth.

This guy COLACOLA Pretty much did it just that it is a Tool, and Doesn’t have ammo along with a Muzzle Flash.
Just needs those things with a New Model.

Alright Who CAN do this??? Any takers?
If you guys can’t do this then It’s alright I’ll look somewhere else.

TetaBonita actually made the Mounted Turret tool.

Anyways, for the 30.cal model you can always use the DOD:S 30.cal, its a swep in one of MadCows weapon packs.

And for the Browning model im not to sure, you would have to make your own model for that.

Well first off, TetaBonita made a Tool it’s a nice tool don’t get me wrong.
it’s just that I can’t use a tool this is something that Players on A Dark Role play War server can Buy, and set up and use.
you can’t do that with a Tool. besides the Mounted Turret didn’t have a Muzzle Flash.
if He could do that, and make it a swep some how,
then Maybe.

then You need Day of Defeat to even see those Models.
I’ve already looked into his Weapon’s. there are nice, but of no help.

Your going to want someone to do this personally for you then because I highly doubt someone that can pull this off will make it specifically for a DarkRP server. Find yourself a modeler and someone that knows lua very well, or learn it yourself.

“Find yourself a modeler and someone that knows lua very well”
That’s kinda why I posted this good sir. too see who wants to help me, and so they fully understand what I’m trying to do.

I’m not on here, Posting “Hey someone make this for me now!”

I was trying to get a hold of TetaBonita, but it seems he’s Gone for Good, hasn’t been seem or heard from for more then two years.

Indeed, I understand that is why you did post this and I tried my best to provide you with something that could come in use but according to your request it is not what you are looking for so I kindly informed you that I doubt someone will make this and you best be making it yourself or this would just be a waste of time.

Nonetheless its a good idea though.