50s Style gas Pump

Hello everybody! I would love a simple model to use for a 50s style gas station/tire service map I am working on.
Reference Pics


I have no preference as to what color the pump may be or what it says, would be a cool little easter egg if you put your name on it though.
I don’t prefer the model to be as detailed as in the pics, I am just terrible at modeling :v:
Thanks in advance if you’d like to help.

I’d be willing to give it a shot. Assuming your still interested, I’ll go ahead and give it ago.


Progress: The texture is a work in progress (undone), there is allot I’m gunna add/edit to my liking. I just though it would be good to show some progress, and that I am indeed still working on it. :wink: -PS: Click the picture to see it larger-


You watermarked it? Why?

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Plus, I think you might want to do a clean version just in case if you haven’t already.

I honestly don’t know why (it is my work, so I do what I please with it). Anyways, yeah I have clean version set aside.

[release] Retro Gas Pump


Sorry, I had the textures setup in the wrong folders, fixed and re-uploaded now! DX

Download link above this post is the working version, I deleted the old one and re-uploaded this new one