50's style poster



Comments are welcome!

The arm he’s putting around his wife looks really off, and for a poster advertising a gun you can hardly even see the gun.

There’s like this huge gap between them where he is literally breaking his arm just to put it on her shoulder.

Yeah I know, I didn’t like the broken arm as well, might make something better soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t look enough for a 50’s style poster but nice pic nevertheless.

Yeah… wish i had some 50s looking skins/models, although i guess i could atleast make textures :confused:

Ahaha holy fuck their faces.

Everything else is good, though.

Needs a pipe and fedora.

And the wife should have an apron and be in the kitchen making dinner.

Gotta stick with them old timey values.

Gotta admit, the wallpaper in the room is perfect for this.

The gun is barely distinguishable.

The title might need to be a bit bigger, and I also needed an excuse to bump this because I like this screenshot.