512x512x512 Voting Thread.

Voting ends September 26th at midnight CST.

amgoz1- HL2:DM

Hazrd24- HL2:DM

Arleitiss- Gmod

CunningHam-- Team Fortress 2

Limilus54- HL2: DM

TangoGorilla- HL2: DM


Pelf- HL2:DM

Please play the maps before voting.
Hopefully the server with the HL2:DM maps will be back up.

If I missed your entry, post it so i can add it to the OP, or PM me.

only two of the dl links work.

and for anyone wondering, my map is an hl2dm map, I just forgot the prefix.

Why is my map not there?


If you need a picture I’ll give you one.

Hazrd24 for creating an amazing level of atmosphere in such a small space and still providing great gameplay. :3:

Sorry, missed it.
and yes, please send a picture.


All of them except Cunninghams seem to work for me. I think I’ve fixed his now
I’ll add what game it is for to the OP

Dude reupload my map. Even if it’s shit :smiley:

I like amgoz1’s map, it’s good looking. But, it’s not optimized. I was dropping to the 50s in FPS in some areas and that’s never good in a deathmatch map where you want a constant frame rate, otherwise it’s a damn good looking map

I don’t have it. You’ll have to upload it yourself.

hmm, really nice competition where you must do everything by yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I added the new link you sent me, you should be able to download it now.

512_3 crashes hl2: dm

We need new competition after this one, 1024x1024x1024? Also I vote on amgoz1 for creating detailed map, and achieving good lighting effects.

256x256x256 :bees:

I say a comp. to making a map fit in your screen res.

1600x1050x1? or do you mean infinitely tall?

for me it would be 1900x1200x~
so ya

Best creative gameplay?

for example the maps where everything is breakable, so you can dig tunnels.
Another example was a map I made where none of the players had weapons, and had to dodge falling props.

Definitely Hazrd24, it’s fun and looks awesome!

Oh god, I made one of those a long time ago.

Let’s see if I can find it…
Ignore the missing grass, I lost the material before I could pak it.

Hazrd gets my vote.